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See your Memories 🕗

the act or fact of retaining and recalling impressions, facts, etc.;

2 min readOct 17, 2020


MEMORIES. We all have some good ones, some bad. They play a vital role in our life. Memories are recollection, but I believe it has the power to manipulate or impact our decisions in the present. It’s like the two sides of a coin, it can either help you make a perfect decision or a very absurd one.

Good can be Bad and vice-versa.

As I said, it can impact our choice-making skills. Sometimes a decision we make based on a good memory can lead us to get tricked.

If we have pleasant memories of a person, we ignore the sensible part and jump to the judgment.

In the same way, bad memory can make us more observant while taking any kind of action.

Let’s ignore these labels. I am really attached to my memories, no matter how it was at that juncture. The only reason I use Facebook is because of this “See your memories” feature.

I love to revisit those moments; status updates, photos, comments. It makes me joyful, nostalgic, sometimes sad, of course. On a serious note, it also let me feel the way I have emerged.

I find most of my status updates hilarious, stupid and bizarre. But after all, these are my recollections. I can see how I used to post “Good Morning” EVERY single day. Still, at the same time, it makes me remember those legendary Nokia phones with 2G internet.

With memories, we can see how time has changed, from using those ABC keypads to QWERTY touch-keyboards; those Snake game to PUBG. Also, it helps us recapture that long lost friendships, sometimes forces us to connect with that one friend we have stopped talking to.


Thank you Facebook for safe-guarding my treasures.



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