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⚠️ Don’t try to prove yourself everywhere.

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We don’t get closure all the time, and it is not required either. We have to learn to live and love.

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the act or fact of retaining and recalling impressions, facts, etc.;

Good can be Bad and vice-versa.

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A note to myself 🔖

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But don’t let them control you.

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🔰 Weekly Wrap-Up

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There are always two sides of a coin

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Remembering where I began 🔰

❣️ Exploring my new hobby

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🔰 Weekly Wrap-Up

  • I started the week by preparing a daily schedule/timetable. Making a timetable is, I believe, is one of the most important things, to begin with, the mission. Not necessarily this is the final one. I will make tweaks at the end of every week based on my observation or much feasible it is to me. I am using Google Tasks App for this.
  • I got reed of unwanted notifications on my mobile phone, which…

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❗️ Improvement: ALWAYS Work-in-Progress 👷

Rajesh Mishra

A coder by profession, sharing life experiences with the Words. Learning more about Productivity, Habits, Decision Making and ambitious towards self freedom.

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